Immigration Instruments

Immigration Shock 1980-1985

Immigration Shock 1995-2000

Information on Immigration Shocks

This page provides a Stata data file containing the instruments for US county-level non-European immigration described in Burchardi et al (2020). The file provides county-level immigration, non-European immigration, population growth, and immigration shocks for each 5-year period between 1975 and 2010.


Burchardi, K. B., T. Chaney, T. A. Hassan, L. Tarquinio, and S. J. Terry (2020): "Immigration, Innovation, and Growth," NBER Working Paper No. 27075. [NBER Working Paper] [Current Version]

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Replication Code

This Stata do file contains code to replicate the first stage regressions in Table 3 of the paper.