Ancestry Transitions

Information on Ancestry Transitions

This page contains a Stata data file used to transition ancestry responses to 1990 countries. For details on the exact methods used to create these transition files, please refer to Burchardi et al (2019). This transition file is the matrix used for Burchardi et al (2020), which is an updated version of that used in Burchardi et al (2019).

The file contains a transition matrix in which each row represents an ancestry a (see "Ancestry, first response" in IPUMS USA for a detailed list of possible ancestry responses) and each column represents a 1990 country c. Each cell of the transition matrix takes a value that represents the fraction of the population of ancestry a that is in 1990 country c. The first column in each file contains the ancestry identifier. The country identifiers in the column names are based on 1990 country codes.


Burchardi, K. B., T. Chaney, and T. A. Hassan (2019): “Migrants, Ancestors, and Foreign Investments,” The Review of Economic Studies, 86, 1448–86. [Published Paper] [NBER Working Paper] [Paper]

Burchardi, K. B., T. Chaney, T. A. Hassan, L. Tarquinio, and S. J. Terry (2020): "Immigration, Innovation, and Growth," NBER Working Paper No. 27075. [NBER Working Paper] [Current Version]

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