Ancestry Instruments

Italian Ancestry in 2010

German Ancestry in 2010

Information on Ancestry Instruments

This page contains Stata data files for replicating the instrumentation strategy described in Burchardi et al (2019). Our ancestry variable measures the number of individuals in a given U.S. geographic area who declare ancestry of a given origin country in 2010. The push-pull and principal components instruments included in these files are described in Equation 3.

The first file contains county-country level measures of ancestry, push-pull variables, and principal components to replicate the first stage estimation shown in column 1 of Table 2.

The second file contains the comparable data for designated market areas (DMAs), as opposed to counties, along with information demand indexes (see Table 8).


Burchardi, K. B., T. Chaney, and T. A. Hassan (2019): “Migrants, Ancestors, and Foreign Investments,” The Review of Economic Studies, 86, 1448–86. [Published Paper] [NBER Working Paper] [Paper]

Files for Download

Replication File

This Stata do file contains code to replicate a first stage regressions from Table 2 of the paper as well as code to replicate regressions in Table 8.